Editor’s Details

Editor’s details:

In my latter life I worked as a therapist – having done the rounds of various and very varied occupations – in various places before this.
My website is http://www.johnjolliffe.co.uk

on this you will see links to other sites that I have.

This probably says all the details.

*The following details for Paperback Writer on Meetup have been included here – as this particular page is not showing on Meet up at present – and is being looked into.

PAPERBACK WRITER MEETUP – Bournemouth, Poole & Christchurch and surrounding areas

THE FIRST MEETING IN 2019 WAS ON MONDAY, APRIL 1st. at Rossmore Library, Herbert Avenue, Poole.

7pm – 9pm

These meetings will be held on the FIRST MONDAY of each month *except when the Monday is a bank holiday – then it will be held THE FOLLOWING MONDAY after that – for that month.

John Jolliffe – organiser

<br> <br>THIS GROUP IS FOR WRITERS, READERS (articles that you have found of interest), AND LISTENERS. Facilitating authentic writing…

Telephone number = John 07904402223

you can call or text me in regard to any questions you have. Many thanks JJ <br>

People can bring anything that they have written

<br> – just a paragraph or two – or a few pages – poetry or just listen to others. You can bring something you have read somewhere and that you have found interesting and just want to share with others.

It can be very interesting – to hear just a few paragraphs about some experience that you have recently had, or had in the past. This – because it’s your personal experience – will be unique – but even then – it may be just an ordinary experience – of everyday life – just something you might want to relate to others – and who perhaps have never had those sorts of experiences or noticed those sorts of things before.

AS FOR MYSELF (HOST) – I’ve had a few pieces published in the past, including long time back winning the Bournemouth College Open Poetry competition, as well as once being the editor of a therapy magazine – local to London when I lived there. And one time doing a short chat on BBC Radio Solent on anxiety related states. I also publish various pieces on my own websites.

I was also when living in London – 25 years – ongoingly connected with the movement whose early days   are seen in the film ‘MAD TO BE NORMAL’ – STARRING DAVID TENNANT – of which I was a senior investor.

For PAPERBACK WRITER – my underlying theme is short articles on AUTHENTICITY – what it is – what it is about – ‘how to do it’. This includes comedies on the theme of authenticity. <br> <br>

Facilitating authenticity in writing <br>

<I>* I WRITE THEREFORE I AM <br> <br>No previous experience in writing necessary… in fact might be an advantage <br>

This is not about formulas – or formalising – which may reduce/miss all possibility for the chance/space for authenticity.

Some of my own writing – is on the theme of authenticity – finding or expressing one’s authentic voice, or one’s authentic path – one’s own way of living… things like that. Some of the comedies that I write also play on this…

The atmosphere intended is supportive and facilitative and an overall light fun atmosphere – with positive and constructive comments. Although of course – all the same – paradoxically – one is free to write on serious topics and about whatever is part of your concern.




EASY WALKER <br> <br>see link for list of walks for Easy Walker <br>https://www.meetup.com/Easy-Walker/events/ <br> <br> The walks vary between 4 and 7 miles with an optional meal afterwards. These walks take place in Bournemouth, Parkstone, Poole, Upton, Christchurch and Highcliffe. These walks are on the 1st Saturday of each month at 11.30 am, and also the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 11:30 AM


SISTER OF EASY WALKER <br> <br>see link to list of walks for Sister of Easy Walker <br>https://www.meetup.com/Sister-of-Easy-Walke… <br> <br> These walks are short – 1 to 3 miles – with just an optional coffee afterwards. Often places of especial or unusual interest – held in areas occasionally surrounded by an urban environment though not always of course, or limited in some other way – where only a short walk is possible – but nevertheless these places have a particular interest of their own – which makes them well worth visiting. These walks are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 10.30 am.

<br> <br>