this website was originally set up – as a temporary holding measure – for Paperback Writer on Meetup.com
but it is now at this present time only showing my own writings.

We have 2 meetings per calendar month which can be seen on Meetup.com

ROSSMORE LIBRARY (1st Monday of each month 7-9 PM)

and also at

CANFORD CLIFFS LIBRARY (3rd Tuesday of each month 630-8:30 PM)

this makes a total of 2 meetings per calendar month

Paperback Writer on Meetup – https://www.meetup.com/Paperback-Writer/


and in some ways – if you want to start developing your authenticity in your writing in its purity – having no training or experience might well be echoed – as being advantageous –
as seen for example in the field of art, where – J M W Turner thought that being trained would lose his originality – and was in fact self-taught –
one can see from his paintings of Dorset, and one remarkable one of Poole Harbour (painted from the viewpoint of Evening Hill) – one can see in it aspects of his amazing originality.

Rossmore Library


Canford Cliffs Library

One of my themes is Authenticity – and I have posted some pieces related to that, and will add more in… Apparently I talk very casually and you need to be a more formal sort of serious to have all this back I think the opposite I think if you’re authentic you would be more natural and normal their fake sort of authentic

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I write various comedies on authenticity which can be helpful in making sense of it
I am also writing on breakdowns & symptoms in relation to the struggle towards AUTHENTICITY

Also alongside this a wide variety of general stories


My personal details can be seen in the Editors Page.

MY PERSONAL WEBSITE – regarding my previous work as a therapist (I am now retired)



*John Jolliffe, MA.